We specialize in connecting customers who have a need for unlimited high speed internet service in Rural Monterey County, CA.

Our speeds are suitable for most modern day internet content. We also have low latency enabling you to take advantage of latency sensitive applications.

Below are just a few things we support: 

  • Video Streaming
  • Online Gaming
  • VOIP and Video Chat

Existing Customers: Refer your friends and get a free month of service when they sign up.

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Current Customers: Lowest rural plans will increase to $67.25 as of August 1, 2016. 

Starting September 2016, Customers will be billed one day prior to day 1 of following month. All delinquent accounts will be paused and will require a $10 reactivation fee until the 15th of the month. After the 15th account will be disconnected.

If you disagree with this price increase, you must cancel service on or before August 31, 2016. No refunds will be granted.

Please read the roadmap to follow up with our progress in building out and upgrading our wireless network.

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